Get ready for an adrenaline-packed experience when you visit the iconic Olympiastadion Berlin!  This legendary sports arena has witnessed historic moments that will send shivers down your spine, and even though the current occupiers, Hertha Berlin, apply their trade in the second tier of German football, even now the stadium is writing new and amazing stories with football taking the centre stage.

olympiastadion berlin

Dramatic Origins

Picture this: the Olympiastadion was born in the run-up to the 1936 Summer Olympics, a spectacle orchestrated by none other than the infamous Adolf Hitler. The stadium, with its neoclassical splendor, was designed to showcase Nazi Germany’s might on the world stage.

The thrilling 1936 Summer Olympics saw The Olympiastadion take centre stage, hosting jaw-dropping athletic feats and the grandeur of the opening and closing ceremonies.  It was a show of power that left the world in awe.

Berlin Olympic Stadium 1936

Credit: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R82532 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de

Football Frenzy!

Fast forward to the post-war era, where the Olympiastadion underwent a superhero-worthy transformation. Rising from the ashes, it became a symbol of Berlin’s resilience, shedding its dark past and emerging as a beacon of hope.   But that’s not all – cue the thunderous cheers of football fans! The Olympiastadion is the roaring home of Hertha BSC, creating a battleground for intense clashes and unforgettable moments. Feel the energy as the stadium reverberates with the passion of the beautiful game.

Olympiastadion berlin

Hertha Berlin v Kaiserslautern – DFB Pokal Quarter Final

On Wednesday, this grand old lady will host one of the quarter finals of this season’s Pokal tournament.  Two giant football clubs will go head to head.

The visitors Kaiserslautern put on their X feed earlier “Berlin! Berlin! We are driving to Berlin!” a song led by fans from all clubs as they progress through the tournament with hopes of reaching the final – approximately 9,000 FCK fans are completing the journey a little earlier than planned as they look to march on and repeat their 1990 and 1996 successes.

Of course, football will be only part of the occasion.  Following the devastating loss of Kay Bernstein, the tributes will continue amongst the fans and out on the pitch.  Hertha Berlin have been to the final before, but never won the DFB Pokal – how fitting it would be if the blue and whites from Berlin went one step further this season.

Tributes to the late Kay Bernstein at the match v Fortuna Dusseldorf

The DFB Pokal Final

The big moments will keep coming – on May 25th, the same day as the English Cup Final, this beautiful construction will host the final of the same tournament.  Will Hertha be part of that big day?

DFB Pokal Trophy image

The Pokal Trophy

Euro 2024

This summer, even if you cannot attend the matches in Berlin, make sure you tune into the matches held at The Olympiastadion.  Turn up the volume, feel the rush, embrace the excitement, and dive into the thrilling story of the Olympiastadion – where history meets the present in an unforgettable spectacle.

Dates for the diary are June 15th  Spain v Croatia, plus matches on 21st June and 25th June.  The 29th June will then feature a last 16 match, followed by a Quarter Final on 6th July and then the jewel in the crown – the Euro 2024 final on the 14th July 2024.

Covert Football Trips

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Fans in Olympiastadion