Our latest Football Weekend in Germany saw us start a 4 match weekend in Osnabrück.  Found in the Schinkel district of Osnabrück, Stadion an der Bremer Brücke, known passionately by fans as just Bremer Brücke, is a traditional ground.  A visit to Bremer Brücke should be on your German Bucket List.


Stadion an der Bremer Brücke

VfL Osnabrück have played here since the stadium first opened in 1933 (except for a period in the 1940s when the stadium needed renovation after being partly destroyed during the war)

For this visit to The Bremer Brücke we stayed in the B&B Hotel Osnabrück which is directly behind the station and a 15 minute walk from the stadium.  The hotel is comfortable and keeps costs low.  On arrival at the Hbf you will notice an abundance of bicycles, however we opted for using a Lime Scooter which were on every street.  These are low cost and you can use the Uber App so no need to start downloading any new apps or uploading ID.


Lime Scooters are an efficient method of transport


Once checked in at the hotel, we took the walk through some residential streets, it was quiet.  We could see the stadium just around the corner, there were still very few people about – but we could hear voices, and singing.  We walked through a few trees and across a small parking area and suddenly a wall of purple.  The fans were congregating in a very small area right behind the Ostkurve.

It was hour before kick-off and clearly fans had been there some time.  This was a big match and people were enjoying beverages outside.  We grabbed a Bratwurst, picked up some memorabilia and headed towards the gate.  Tickets were print-at-home and was as easy as popping the barcode under the scanner.  We grabbed a beer inside and headed into the Ostkurve…


Bremer Brucke

Outside Bremer Brucke


We had purchased tickets in the famous Ostkurve costing just 15 Euro’s which we knew were standing positions behind the goal.  With 45 minutes still to go, it looked full already.  We headed fairly central, up a flight of stairs which had become merged with the actual standing areas and squeezed onto the side.  Beers were being passed in trays over heads with Osnabrück fans seeming to be experts at zero spillage under extreme pressures.  Ladies put their hands over their head waiting for the inevitable – they need not have worried, yet.


Ostkurve Osnabruck

Inside the Ostkurve


VfL Osnabruck v RW Essen

This was Matchday 8 of the 3.Liga Football season as the hosts welcomed Rot-Weiss Essen.

Having started the season with a 1-0 home win over Duisburg, they had failed to win any of their next six matches with three draws and three defeats albeit all by the odd goal.  The previous week they had surrendered a 3-1 lead to lose 4-3 to 3.Liga new boys VfB Oldenburg.  This run of results leave them languishing close to the relegation zone.

The fans in the Ostkurve were magnificent, it was non-stop noise and songs.  It was fun, everyone was having a great time.  There was a sense of optimism, even though a defeat would have been catastrophic.  As the first half progressed I shared this feeling, there would be only one winner this evening.  If you have a bad back then don’t stand in the Ostkurve, many songs involve jumping and crouching which you are automatically included in with your new friends – we came through it.


Osnabruck Pyro

Pyrotechnics in Ostkurve


During the match as fans finished their beer, there is an acceptance that the person will throw their “empty” beer cup forward into their own fans.  This of course means a few droplets of warm beer will rain over the fans which is anticipated and met with smiles.  On 33 Minutes VfL Osnabrück almost took the lead when they hit the post and there was a mad moment when the fans who thought they had scored, started celebrations too early.  It is of course these moments where the full cups of beer are launched.  This moment caused gallons of wasted beer when they realised the celebration was in vain.

They didn’t have to wait for long though.  On 36 minutes the breakthrough came when Simakala volleyed home and the whole crowd went wild.  The goal had been coming, it was deserved.  The euphoria and relief was immense.  The below video we captured in the immediate aftermath of the goal.



Half Time arrived and there was no way to even attempt to move.  Even if we had have removed ourselves to the bar/toilet, there would be no way back.   Instead we enjoyed the highlights on the large screen which amusingly were played to the A-Team theme tune which, judging by the fans reaction, is a tradition at the club.

The second half was a similar tale of VfL Osnabrück having the best of the opportunities however deep into injury time, RW Esssen did put the ball in the net.  The grumbles were only brief as the goal was ruled out for offside.  Suddenly it was all over.  Moments earlier it was RW Essen coaching staff running on the pitch thinking they had snatched an unlikely point, now it was Osnabrück players and staff enjoying the moment and how they deserved it.



Floodlights at Osnabrück


We had chosen a great time to visit VfL Osnabrück, the timing of this victory could really give the club upward momentum for the season.  The attendance was announced during the second half as 15,203 which is huge for a 3.Liga match and demonstrates the passion of these fans.  Covert Football Trips offer Mystery Football Weekends to Germany and you may be fortunate to experience a visit to Bremer Brücke too.  Check us out.