When we headed on a Football Weekend to Albania, things didn’t quite go to plan so we instead compiled a list of great alternative things to do in Tirana which is the Capital City.

Football in Albania

We noticed in the build-up to our trip that the football matches we were looking to attend were either not officially scheduled, had recently been re-scheduled, or had been postponed.  In fact it was only the day we arrived that we found out that the match we were planning to attend had been switched to the Monday evening.


Albanian Bunkers

Of all the things to do in Tirana the favourite was exploring Bunk’Art 2 which is an old Nuclear Shelter turned into a museum in the centre of the city.


BunkArt2 Museum

The BunkArt2 Museum


When you enter the building the dome shape from inside is fascinating.  The inside walls are covered with the faces of victims of the Sigurimi.  You descend into the bunker and pay a small fee to enter.


Bunk Art 2

Inside the Bunk Art 2 Dome


Inside the bunker are several narrow passages all with multiple rooms coming off them, 24 in total.  Each room explores part of the communist era, the Sigurimi secret surveillance agency and there are some amazing pieces of equipment on display.  The bunker has concrete walls 8 feet thick!


Bunk Art 2 Tirana

One of many rooms under the dome

Skanderbeg Statue

Around the corner from Bunk’Art 2 is Skanderbeg Square and here you will find the bronze monument of an Albanian national hero from 1405-1468.  Standing 11 metres tall it was placed here in 1968 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Skanderbeg.


Skanderbeg Monument Tirana

The Skanderbeg Monument

Have an Albanian Breakfast

Both mornings we were in Tirana we went for breakfast at Cafe Botanica located on Skanderbeg Square in the centre of Tirana.  We opted for the Albanian Breakfast which was fantastic and if it’s a nice day, sit outside facing the square.


Albanian Breakfast Cafe Botanica

Breakfast at Cafe Botanica


Cafe Botanica

Cafe Botanica on Skanderbeg Square


Drink some Raki

Raki is the national drink of Albania and it is an extremely strong tipple around 40%.  We were offered this as a gesture in a restaurant so be prepared to sample some when offered.



Try some Raki


Street Art

Whilst there are many things to do in Tirana, it is also a city of great street art so keep your eyes open and your camera ready.


Street Art in Tirana

Street Art on buildings throughout Tirana


Street Art in Tirana

Look out for great street art in Tirana


The Pyramid

The Pyramid of Tirana was originally built as a museum back in 1988 however that is no longer the case.  In 1999 it became a NATO base during the Kosovan war and now it is simply a fantastic structure – climbing to the top offers some great views of Tirana.  Albanian’s see this building as the symbol of the victory over the regime.


Pyramid of Tirana

Pyramid of Tirana


Air Albania Stadium

Whilst we had no football to watch, we do recommend a visit to the Air Albania Stadium which is close to the Pyramid.  Just a few days before our arrival the national Albanian team had beaten Poland 2-0 in their quest to reach the European Championships in 2024.

Inside the stadium is a cocktail bar called Arena which had friendly table service and not busy.  You can grab a small table on the edge of the seating area overlooking the pitch.  They also serve a good range of draught and bottled beers at good prices.


Air Albania Stadium Bar

Arena Bar inside Air Albania Stadium


Radio Bar Tirana

If you want to head to a cool bar in Tirana we recommend Radio Bar.  The colourful bar featured in an episode of The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan which is worth a watch, and houses items associated with Albanian culture.  You will find yourself sitting opposite an old TV set, an old radio, and maybe see an old typewriter!

Radio Bar can be located in the Blloku area of Tirana which has many bars, restaurants and nightlife.


Radio Bar Tirana

Radio Bar Tirana


Rruga Murat Toptani

Away from Blloku is another area of bars along a pedestrian street.  These spill out onto the pavement and has a much more chilled vibe.  Amongst the bars are cafe’s, ice cream vans and small gift shops too.


Bars Tirana

Rruga Murat Toptani


Grand Park of Tirana

Want to chill out?  Head to the Grand Park of Tirana.  Located in the City Centre it is a great location for a walk and sit down.  The park has an artificial lake and you will find bars and cafe’s around the lake to get refreshments – there is even a Burger King!


Grand Park of Tirana

Grand Park of Tirana


Dajti Express Cable Car

The Dajti Express Cable Car is our final recommendation of things to do in Tirana.  The cable car takes 15 minutes swiftly rising 1613 metres above sea level to the mountain balcony.  At the top you experience great views whilst you can grab a drink and play some mini-golf too!


Dajti Express Cable Car Tirana

Dajti Express Cable Car, Tirana.


We hope you enjoy our review of things to do in Tirana.  We loved the City, the people are extremely friendly and we would recommend a visit.