The Bundesliga Scarecrows


Bundesliga Scarecrows


With so many shirt collections out there we thought we’d do something different and decided to build a traditional scarecrow, place in a Norfolk field and showcase our Bundesliga Shirt collection.

On a very hot Sunday morning at the start of August we arrived at the corner of a field which was glistening in the sun.  There was a cottage on the opposite side of the road so knocked on the door for authorisation to use this as a backdrop but no-one was at home.  The decision to continue was made.

“Völler die Vogelscheuche” (Völler the Scarecrow) as he has become known, was dragged into the field on his cross.  Fortunately we had thought ahead and knowing the ground would be as hard as rock had identified our parasol base as a perfect place-holder for the wooden structure.  No sooner had Völler been erected and the first shirt applied a small van crawled past the entrance where our car was parked – it was the land owner!  Once I explained what I was up to his words were “well someone has to do it” and with that he gave me permission to continue this photo-shoot!

I hope you enjoy the photo’s….


We made the scarecrow in the traditional way from scratch.



The first shirt which Völler would wear was the Karlsruhe 3rd kit from the 2019/20 season.  This shirt was designed using the red and yellow flag of Baden where the club is based forming a diagonal strip across the black shirt.


Bundesliga Scarecrow

KSC 2019/20 3rd Shirt


Bayern Munich

Shirt two was a recent acquisition.  We had wanted a special Bayern Munich shirt and this one just screamed Lothar Matthaus who wore this shirt on his return to the Olympiastadion in 1992, the then home of the giants of German football.

Bayern Munich 1992 Home Shirt


Fortuna Dusseldorf

This was a special purchase.  When looking to add a F95 shirt to our collection, this had to be the one.  This was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its partnership with the German band “Die Toten Hosen“.  The shirt was worn in just one match versus Bayern Munich in November 2019.


Bundesliga Scarecrows

Special edition jersey “Die Toten Hosen”


Werder Bremen

I personally love green shirts and this was a unique shade meaning it had to be added to the collection.  I also really like the Sponsor Logo on this shirt.  This was the home shirt worn during the struggles of the 2019/20 season where they eventually saved themselves.


Bundesliga Scarecrow

Werder Bremen 2019/20 Home Shirt



I opted for this bold Orange shirt from the 2016/17 season mainly due to the superb BOOSTER Sponsor which looks great compared to the current day shirts.


Bundesliga Scarecrows

Bochum 3rd Shirt 2016/17



Our favourite German club Nuremberg issued this home shirt for the 2018/19 season.  Always great shirts and I look forward to getting my hands on the new 2020/2021 home shirt too.


Nuremberg Home 2018/19



The 3rd Kit again got the nod when we purchased a Regensburg shirt.  The bold NETTO logo makes this a real current favourite of mine.


Bundesliga Scarecrows


Borussia Dortmund

This shirt was purchased for a 40th Birthday Trip back in 2016.  The shirt was used during the 2015/16 season.  I think most people have at-least one Dortmund shirt in their collection!


Bundesliga Scarecrows

Borussia Dortmund Home Shirt 2015/16


Borussia Monchengladbach

Our only Borussia Monchengladbach shirt is this 3rd shirt from 2018/19.  I will be upgrading by BMG Shirt to one of the 2020/21 shirts which look excellent.


Bundesliga Scarecrows

Borussia Monchengladbach 2018/19 3rd shirt



One of our favourite shirts from last season, this Nike creation caused heads to turn.  The X image is extremely good on the eye and really adds the spark to what the dark green requires.  This X was “inspired by the power and precision of the German engineers” (Volkswagen)

Bundesliga Scarecrows

Wolfsburg Home Shirt 2019/20



This Stuttgart 3rd shirt oozes class.  The shirt was designed in collaboration with hip hop group Fanta 4.  The manufacturer of this masterpiece is Jako who use a traditional dot scheme on the sleeves which really finishes this shirt off perfectly.  Black and White just works exceptionally well.


Bundesliga Scarecrows

Stuttgart 2019/20 3rd Shirt



It’s back to Nike and another excellent 3rd shirt from the 2019/20 season.  Without doubt, of their three shirts released, this was the pick of them.  The red patterned sleeves and bright red sponsor, Nike logo and club logo, work brilliantly against the black main chest.


Bundesliga Scarecrows

Augsburg 3rd Shirt 2019/20


Holstein Kiel

This was the Holstein Kiel 3rd shirt from the 2018/19 season sporting a Volkswagen logo on the sleeve.  This one was manufactured by Puma.


Bundesliga Scarecrows

Holstein Kiel 3rd Shirt 2018/19


Greuther Furth

This green number is the Away shirt of Greuther Furth from the 2018/19 season.  Currently available at a great price at Classic Football Shirts.


Bundesliga Scarecrows

Greuther Furth 2019


1860 Munich

I have very few football shirts in my collection with pinstripes so when seeking an 1860 shirt this jumped out at me.  This is also one of only a few shirts I possess which excludes the sponsor which that season was “Think Blue” seen in a large white font.  There are lot’s of opinions on whether a football shirt looks better with or without a sponsor, in this example less is more and really accentuates the light blue pinstripes.


1860 Munich Away Shirt 2015/16



This light grey number was the Schalke Away shirt for 2018/19.  Very popular with MandM Direct who often have great priced football shirts making this available for many at an affordable price.


Schalke 2018/19 Away Shirt



Finally we have Hoffenheim’s home shirt from the 2019/20 season.  A classic blue!

Hoffenheim home shirt 2019/20


I hope you’ve enjoyed the Scarecrow pictures, just a different way of showcasing a large number of the Bundesliga shirts, not quite all of them!

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