Back in 2020 we created our Beer Cup Score Card to judge the quality from stadium to stadium using 5 criteria to score.  However our recent trip to Magdeburg has highlighted a new feature which must be adorned – the 1 Litre Beer Cup!

1 Litre Beer Cup v Standard size

The categories used for just over three years has now been updated as follows:

  1. The sturdiness of the cup  (1, 2 or 3)
  2. The Design  (0, 1, 2 or 3)
  3. Series to collect (0 or 1)
  4. Handle or no handle (0, 1 or 2) 
  5. Size of Cup (0 or 1)

1.  Sturdiness (1pt, 2pts, or 3pts)

Unfortunately those beer cups made of plastic which immediately contract when you hold them still exist.  You know the ones, you pick them up and a few centimetres of liquid is squeezed out of the top wasting much of the beer.  These score 1pt.

Then come the plastic cups which can still be scrunched up in one hand but are sturdy enough to hold in one hand whilst consuming the beer.  These score 2 points.

Finally we have the real beer cups we are looking for.  Rigid containers which cannot be squeezed at all, they will fit into your suitcase on your trip and make it home in one piece.  Those are worth 3pts.

Stadium Beer Cup Werder Bremen II

These flimsy beer cups will be found at lower league grounds like this at The Weserstadion Platz 11

2.   The Design  – (0pts, 1pt, 2pts or 3pts)

The design is one of the most important elements of the beer cup (according to our 2020 survey!)  We have awarded up to 3 more points in this category.

A design can be something as basic as a logo.  So, if a club just state their name, or a basic image of a football that counts although doesn’t score highly,  A logo of the beer make, or of the cup manufacturer, does not count as a design.  If the cup is completely plain then zero points are scored.  Just a club name/ logo is worth 1pt.

Below we have a beer cup from Bochum who have gone as step further both with their club logo and the stadium image making it worthy of more than the one point.  The fact that the image is only one colour means it cannot score top marks on this occasion.  Worth 2pts.

The maximum points available on the Stadium Beer Cup Score-Card in this section is three and this St Pauli Cup shows us the next level.  We have full colour and an image of one of the players screaming “DRINK ME” and the passion fans want to see etched on their cup.  It’s vibrant and in line with the club colours.  This quality of design is worth 3pts.

Stadium Beer Cup Mainz

Just a Club Logo scores 1pt.

Stadium Beer Cup

This type of design from St Pauli is worthy of 3pts

3.  Series  (0pts or 1pt)

A beer cup may have immense design quality and should rightfully score a maximum of 3pts in that section.  However a football club which offers a collection for consumers via a series, such as this effort from Hertha Berlin, has to be worth another 1pt on your Stadium Beer Cup Score-Card.

In this example, the Hertha Berlin Cup has so far scored 7 points from the 7 available….

Stadium Beer Cup Hertha Berlin Olympiastadion

A series of Beer Cups are often available in stadiums.

Stadium Beer Cup Borussia Monchengladbach

Borussia Monchengladbach are another club to offer a series of beer cups to collect.

4.  Handle or No Handle (0pts, 1pt or 2pts)

The introduction of handles to stadium beer cups was huge.  If there is no handle there are zero points available.

Then we have two types of handle.  Some beer cups will offer a handle perfect for holding a beer during the match however they may be solid handles and have no method of stacking and saving space.  These are worth 1pt.

Then come the handles which slot inside each other for perfect stackability.  These beauties are worth 2pts.  Watch our short video here demonstrating the perfect stackable handled beer cup!

5.  Size of Cup

As mentioned above the 1 Litre Cup has changed the dynamics of the Beer Cup Scorecard.  A standard beer size is perfectly acceptable, however the 1 Litre Beer Cup offers this extra point!

Why is this important?  Who wants to leave the match after 70 minutes for a re-fill and potentially miss a goal?  An inspired addition to this matrix.

The 1 Litre Cup!

Beer Carrier BONUS!

A bonus half-point may be available at some clubs.  At Borussia Monchengladbach they offer a free beer carrier for taking multiple beers to your seats or stand.  This, whilst helpful on the walk, doesn’t eliminate the holding of the cup and therefore this additional feature simply boosts a clubs score by 0.5 on the Stadium Beer Cup Score-Card.

Bonus points only available when scoring 0-9 from previous sections.  (A 10 cannot become a 10.5)

This Beer Holder allowing easy carrying of multiple beers offers a 0.5 increase to any clubs score.

Demoted to 9/10

This St Pauli Cup was the first 10/10 we scored a couple of years ago.  However this will now be scored as a 9/10.  Let’s hope St Pauli offer a 1 Litre beer cup on the next visit!