We unveiled Bundesliga Boxes back on September 12th 2020 as a new Mystery Product to complement Covert Football Trips.  Whilst it’s difficult to fulfil any travel, our Mystery Football Trips have been placed on hold, but this simply meant we had to create a different type of mystery.  That saw the birth of Bundesliga Boxes.

More recently we wanted to discover how whilst supplying this product we could do some good.  We believe we have found the ideal way to recycle our boxes.  Please read on…


Bundesliga Boxes


How to Recycle for a Foodbank

There are do many ways to recycle Bundesliga Boxes for a good cause.  Arguably one of the most relevant situations right now seems to be the food crisis with individuals and families struggling to put food on the table.

Our wish is that those purchasing a Bundesliga Box for themselves, or someone receiving one as a gift, will consider re-filling their box with products and offering something back.  This may not be possible for everyone, and times are tough, however there are some people who cannot afford the basic essentials.

Foodbanks can be found locally, often in your supermarket.  The trussell trust states that 90% of food distributed by foodbanks is donated by the public and you can help that statistic.  Their website conveniently shows you the list of other places where you can donate which you can view here.

Please watch and share our video below.



What next?

The idea to recycle Bundesliga Boxes and to support Foodbanks came on the eve of launching our 2nd batch of Bundesliga Boxes and therefore the only route to requesting this has been via our social media where we hope the idea will be grasped.

However, the next batch due in November means that we can plan even more.  We aim to supply more details in the box to help people identify where to take them and just a reminder to influence this.


Please Share

Like anything, good causes need shouting about.  We will encourage people to share their recycling to foodbanks on social media and we will share again!  Just sharing this story will help and it’s great to be able to give something back.


Recycle Bundesliga Boxes

An example of products to include in a food package.


Please recycle Bundesliga Boxes.