Mystery Football Shirts

Mystery Football Shirts seem to be a natural addition to the Covert Football Trips product portfolio.  It’s clear for everyone to see that whilst we can’t wait to offer our Mystery Football Weekends, and have a new package to announce soon, that unless things change dramatically, these products won’t be available for a while yet.  There are several reasons for introducing our new product:

Firstly, since the company inception, it became apparent that many of our followers (and friends) who we interact with have German football at the top of their football mind.

Secondly, we are not alone in getting into football shirt collecting during lock-down.  My own collection grew dramatically into triple figures and whilst these cover various clubs and countries, a turn was taken to start collecting specifically German clubs.

Finally of course I believe that this is a gap in the market.  There are some AMAZING guys out there offering Mystery Football Shirt packages.  Some are just shirts, some are mystery boxes, some are on a subscription basis and others are one-off purchases.  The demand is growing.  This package allows you to concentrate on building your German Shirt Collection.


Mystery Football Shirts


The German Collection

If you are like-minded in having a passion for German Football then perhaps Bundesliga Boxes is the Mystery Shirt bundle for you going forward.  Introducing Bundesliga Boxes!

Each Bundesliga Box contains a Brand New, authentic MYSTERY German Football Shirt. We source many shirts directly from the clubs themselves to ensure you are receiving unique and spectacular products which are worth every penny!  We can assure you that shirts are not mass-purchased offers found on a particular outlet store and re-packaged.

Your shirt could be from the Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, 3Liga or an even rarer Regionalliga or Oberliga Club!  In your box will also be our “Pin of the Month” and a German Football Programme  to start off new collections too!


Mystery Football Shirts

An example of a unique shirt you can find in a Bundesliga Box


Bundesliga Box Contents

  •    German Football Club Shirt (New and Authentic)
  •    “Pin of the Month”
  •    German Football Programme


Launch Offer!

Bundesliga Boxes are priced as standard at £45.  However, to kick things off, we are offering our first batch of amazing Bundesliga Boxes at the promotional price of just £39!

These will go on sale on Friday 18th September at 7.30am and we don’t expect them to last long but we have plenty ready to go!!!


Mystery Football Shirts

Bundesliga Boxes are ready for you!