A trip to the MDCC-Arena has long been on the list and we chose this match versus Kaiserslautern to sample it for the first time.  This Magdeburg Football Weekend was worth the wait!

Magdeburg Football Weekend


Magdeburg are famous for being the only East German club to have won a European competition when they defeated holders AC Milan to win the 1974 European Cup Winners’ Cup.

It has been a long slog back to “almost” the big time having dropped down the levels following reunification.  In 2015 Magdeburg gained promotion to 3Liga and then in 2018 and 2022 they entered Bundesliga 2 which is where they now sit.

The 2022/23 season had seen the club both within and around the relegation zone, however two wins and one draw from their last four matches see’s the club 14th with a 4 point gap between themselves and the drop zone.


Tickets were easy to get hold of via the clubs website and these were print at home tickets, available several weeks in advance.

Magdeburg Match Ticket

Print at Home Ticket

Getting to The Magdeburg

For this Magdeburg Football Weekend we found the simplest route was to fly in to Leipzig (from Stanstead).  On arrival, Passport control was a breeze.  From here it was  a simple walk to the trains – take the lift to the 2nd floor, walk a few hundred yards and then descend once again to the platforms.  We only had a 5 minute wait before our train arrived which was an ICE train direct to Magdeburg taking 1 hour and 6 minutes.

From where we were staying it would have been a 40 minute walk (5km) to the stadium so whilst at certain times of year I am sure the walk along the River Elbe is a nice experience, this wasn’t the day for it.  Instead  we took two different trams from the City Centre.  Although it was two hours till kick-off these were already extremely busy as we let one pass without even attempting to get on.

Many of you are probably already aware of the bottle collecting which happens around Germany allowing people to get paid for returning used bottles – Magdeburg was no different.  One of the reasons the trams were so full is that some people were taking a supermarket trolley to the stadium via this route, for one of their busiest collecting days of the month.

People can claim back money on empty bottles

The Stadium

When we left the tram, as usual there were many outside areas serving refreshments at a low price which were directly opposite the stadium.  A really great atmosphere.

MDCC Arena

Fans gather outside the MDCC Arena

The stadium itself holds just over 25,000 spectators and arriving approximately 90 minutes before kick-off it was already busy with queues at the gates for security checks, it took about 10 minutes to get through.

MDCC Arena

Outside the MDCC Arena

MDCC Arena

The MDCC Arena

Underneath the stadium it is very spacious allowing plenty of room to have a drink or snack before the match or at Half Time.  Actually obtaining the drink was a little more difficult, there were limited pre-poured beers so the queue for a beer before the match took some time.  Knowing this, we did what we normally wouldn’t do at Half Time by going to the bar at 43 minutes and joining a small queue.  It’s a shame and perhaps the club can offer more staff or beer points to resolve this issue.

The Half Time beer brought a new level to Beer Cups – a 1 Litre version and this meant there would be no need for a mid-half re-fill.  This scores highly and we are in the process of updating our Beer Cup scorecard to include a 1 Litre bonus!

Magdeburg 1 Litre Beer Cup

1 Litre Beer Cup

One other point to note is that you needed a special pre-loaded card to purchase drinks with so we relied on a member to order for us who we then gave cash.  However when queues got bigger they did open another till which then accepted normal debit cards.

MDCC Arena

Plenty of room to enjoy pre-match refreshments

Inside the stadium we spoke to many Magdeburg fans who were curious as to why we had chosen to watch their team.  There was much dislike spoken for Union Berlin, Dynamo Dresden and Hansa Rostock.

We ordered tickets in Block 7 and from here you were able to access the area behind the goal, and to the side allowing us to enjoy the match from several different positions throughout the 90 minutes.  This area is Safe Standing and whilst busy, was certainly comfortable to be in.

MDCC Arena

View from behind the goal

At the start of the match the Magdeburg fans created a sensational scene behind the goal and the chanting went on throughout the entire 90 minutes.


Magdeburg Fans

The scene at kick-off created by Magdeburg fans

The Match

The match itself was entertaining and in the end a very comfortable evening for Magdeburg who ran out 2-0 winners.  The home side had to wait until the 41st minute to open the scoring and Tatsuya Ito finished the game off with a second on 65 minutes.  There really was only one side in this game which was surprising considering Kaiserslautern’s lofty position in the table.

From a difficult position several weeks ago, Magdeburg now find themselves 6pts clear of the relegation zone and if performances like this are anything to go by, they will remain safe.

After the Game

We completed our Magdeburg Football Weekend by jumping back on the trams and heading back into the City Centre.  Although it was a Friday evening there were limited options.  We had pre-booked a table at Hummels Brewery and the service here was excellent, good food and varied beer choices.

Hummels Brewery offered good food

Other locations we found were The Lion which was a good bar, however please be aware at this time they were only accepting cash, so after a while we headed to Flowerpower which was a lot more lively and full of Magdeburg fans.

A Magdeburg Football Weekend is a fantastic experience and one you could enjoy if booking one of our Mystery Football Weekends.  Low deposit options are available now so you can book well in advance!  Click here to find out more.