Have you experienced a Bundesliga Box yet?  If so, it may be that you have received a shirt of a Non-Bundesliga club and this piece may help you get to know your Bundesliga Box Teams better!  Bundesliga Boxes are our Mystery packages which contain a Mystery German Club Shirt amongst other items.  Here we look at two of the clubs recently featured.


Homburg Saar FC



Know your Bundesliga Box Teams and you will know not to confuse Homburg with Homberg, as they are 250km apart.  It shouldn’t be too difficult as Homburg Saar FC play in a very unique kit.  If you received a Homburg Shirt as your Mystery Jersey then you bagged a corker!  In Batch one and two we included the beautiful home shirt from the 2019/20 season.  The Dr Theiss Sponsor really dominates the front of the shirt but it a good way.


Bundesliga Boxes

The Homburg FC Home Shirt 2019/20


Homburg participate in the Sudwest Regionalliga which is one of five divisions in this tier.  So far this season Homburg sit 4th with 23pts.  Only the team finishing top has the opportunity to gain promotion into 3Liga.  Having suffered relegation to Oberliga in 2017 they were able to return immediately and finished 3rd in Regionalliga in 2019.

Like many teams, Homburg often feature in their name the numbers relating to the year where they were formed.  In this case the numbers 08 are used for their formation in August 1908 so they have a long history, even if not an illustrious one.  That said, Homburg have one massive moment in their history managing to win Bundesliga 2 in 1986 and appearing in the top flight for 3 seasons at the end of the 80’s – before declining to their current position.  You can read about their history here.

The Homburg Shirt was also reviewed by Phil Delves who received one in his Mystery Box.  Watch his review of the Bundesliga Box and his Homburg shirt here.


VFC Plauen 1903

Possibly the team that most made us write “Know Your Bundesliga Box Teams” is VFC Plauen, as eyebrows were raised when people shared their new shirts on social media.  Indeed, searching for the club we found a Twitter account with just 14 followers (we’ve helped increase that by 21% to 17).



VFC Plauen formed in 1903 play at a lower level than the aforementioned Homburg and will be one reason why you may not have come across them before.  Plauen who had moved up as high as Regionalliga in 2014, dissolved the club and due to this were relegated and now participate in the Oberliga which is the 5th tier of German Football.  Plauen play at the Vogtlandstadion Plauen which can hold 12,000 spectators including 1400 seats.

The striking yellow shirts have been a huge hit, and their logo impressively simple.  They may even feature again in a future batch!


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