Tickets – Check.  Passport – Check.  You’re set to travel to Euro 2024 but do you know how to order a beer in German?

As we head to Germany ourselves for Euro 2024 we thought we would supply a few handy phrases to help you and it will be appreciated that you have at least tried.   Of course, the one we all want to get right is how to order a beer!  Below we help you with this and some other handy words and phrases.



How to order a beer in German

Order a Beer in German

Here are several different phrases you may wish to use when ordering a beer whilst in Germany this Summer.

  • I would like a beer please – Ich möchte ein Bier bitte 
  • May I have a beer please? – Darf ich bitte ein Bier haben? 

If you want to be more specific regarding the beer you would like, simply add as follows:

  • I would like a WeissBeer please – Ich möchte ein Weissbier bitte 
  • May I have a Kölsch beer please? – Darf ich bitte ein Kölsch Bier haben? 

(note that Kölsch beer is from Cologne and may be the only option in some bars)

Order a beer in German

Other Beer Types and Information

The beer menu may be vast and the below options will be found in most bars and restaurants.  We encourage you to try different beers and here is what you could consider.

Schwarzbier – this is a black beer

Hefeweizen – this is a cloudy wheat beer

Berliner Weißethis is a light wheat beer

Märzen this is a lager often found at Oktoberfest!

Bananaweizen – Banana Wheat Beer!

Colaweizen – Half Cola, Half Wheat Beer!  Try it!

Getränkekarten – this is the term for the beer menu itself!

Groß oder klein? – The bar person is asking you whether you would like a large or small beer.

Pfand – Deposit.  Often you pay a deposit on your beer glass and this will be returned at the end.

Stimtt so – Keep the change


krostitzer schwarzbier

Krostitzer Schwarzbier

Football Terms

Here are some football terms you may hear, or wish to use.

Torwart – Goalkeeper

Verteidiger – Defender

Mittelfeldspieler – Midfielder

Stürmer – Forward

Elfmeter – Penalty

Gelbe Karte – Yellow Card

Rote Karte – Red Card

TOR! – Goal!

Kopfballtor – Headed Goal

We hope this helps just a little whilst enjoying yourselves at Euro 2024 in Germany.


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Order a Beer in German