FREE Bundesliga Box Terms and conditions

Inside Halb Vier issue 13, Covert Football Trips offer a FREE Bundesliga Box with a TOR Covert Football Trip.  These are the terms and conditions.

  1.  The Free Bundesliga Box is issued on bookings where the discount code printed on the advert inside Halb Vier magazine has been successfully applied
  2. There is ONE Bundesliga Box per booking which is provided to the organiser of the trip.
  3. The Free Bundesliga Box is issued upon completion of the booked trip unless agreed otherwise.
  4. The Free Bundesliga Box is only valid for bookings of the German TOR! Mystery Football Weekend.  If applied to other bookings the box cannot be provided (even if accepted in the basket)]
  5. There is no cash equivalent available
  6. Offer expires 29/02/2024


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