Euro 2024 Build Up

So yesterday we started our Euro 2024 adventure as we arrived in the beautiful city of Nuremberg, one of our favourite cities in the host country Germany.  Our intention was to visit some bars we were familiar with, and some new ones, to meet some of the locals, whilst also hunting down tickets for the Germany v Scotland match happening later today!


Euro 2024 adventure



Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria, about 170km north of Munich and a great location for us ahead of today’s journey to Munich.

Looking for a gift from the City?  The local Lebkuchen is a type of gingerbread with almonds and be found across the city as cookies or pastries.  If you want to try a local delicacy then make sure you try the Nuremberg Bratwurst!  Learn more about the famous sausages here.

For quick access to and from the train station, we opted to stay at B&B Hotel Nuremberg HBF.  Booking hotels in advance for tournaments is important and we booked this around six months ago for 70 Euro’s for a twin room.  Looking last week, the same room would have cost 112 Euro.


Nuremberg Pub Scene

On our quick tour of the city last night we visited several great locations so do earmark these on your trip to this great city.  One of the first stops was Burgwachter which is a restaurant/bar situated underneath the castle.  Here we grabbed a Schnitzel and a large Schlenkerla (a dark smokey beer).




Our next stop ended up being a spontaneous Tipp-Kick tournament which was set in an outside courtyard on the side of a main street.  Here we learned the match and had a go ourselves and can be best described as Subbuteo.




Next up we took a 15 minute stroll to Beim Almosmüller which was right in the middle of the old town.  The Franconian pub offered us traditional Rot Bier.



As daylight disappeared, next we headed to a familiar bar, Weissbierhex.  This bar is open till late and features witches and other artefacts positioned around the place.  Interestingly on the rear bar we found a bath for baptism’s – or so the bar person advised us.


Germany v Scotland Tickets

We managed to find local fans who were attending the match today, however we didn’t manage to locate any for ourselves so we head to Munich now without a ticket.

Our quest to find tickets for Germany v Scotland continues….


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