Covert Football Trips is built on many years of experience where we have combined football with travel. Following a football team around Europe has taken us to places we would never otherwise have visited.

The idea of creating a business for mystery football trips came off the back of many international trips which we have been part of where the destination was unknown.  Mystery matches can help build the anticipation and removes hours of time discussing where to go!

If you have ever been given the duty of Best Man, one of the key tasks is to create an unforgettable Stag Do. A Football Mystery Tour can take away many of the pressures that go with selecting the correct destination and the match offers the weekend that “event” which people often want to remember their special weekend for. This is perfect for the football fan whilst the mystery city element means even the non-football fan in your group gets the excitement too!

“We specialise in football trips, nothing else. We make sure you enjoy your match and city experience with quality schedules and no mad rush, we will always deliver you quality, central hotels and be available for any special requests.

Richard, Covert Football Trips

The research and experience that has gone into creating these trips for you is second to none. Once you are booked, our interest doesn’t stop. We would love to send you tips and suggestions based on our own experience so you can get the most out of your trip.

For us, the combination of a mystery destination and a great football match ticks so many boxes so why not give it a try.

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