Recycle Bundesliga Boxes

October 24th, 2020|

We unveiled Bundesliga Boxes back on September 12th 2020 as a new Mystery Product to complement Covert Football Trips.  Whilst it's difficult to fulfil any travel, our Mystery Football Trips have been placed on hold, [...]

Berlin Football Weekend

October 6th, 2020|

Berlin Football Weekend A Berlin Football Weekend was the agenda for our latest football trip however this was not the original plan. The trip was initially scheduled for Munich which EasyJet cancelled. Our rearranged football [...]

Mystery Football Shirts

September 12th, 2020|

Mystery Football Shirts Mystery Football Shirts seem to be a natural addition to the Covert Football Trips product portfolio.  It's clear for everyone to see that whilst we can't wait to offer our Mystery Football [...]

The Road to Wembley

September 2nd, 2020|

The Road To Wembley! The Road to Wembley is not normally something we get involved with until the 3rd Round proper, however a lack of any football recently has turned our heads a little.  Having [...]

The Bundesliga Scarecrows

August 21st, 2020|

The Bundesliga Scarecrows     With so many shirt collections out there we thought we'd do something different and decided to build a traditional scarecrow, place in a Norfolk field and showcase our Bundesliga Shirt [...]

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